Facilities are available to conduct research on local, regional, and global scales. The facilities consist of earthquake recording instruments, which include a three-station, radio-linked portable digital seismometer system, one portable analog instrument, and a three-station array on Long Island that is part of the Northeastern U.S. Seismic Network. In addition, there is a data library of ISC bulletins, selected WWSSN films, and ISC and IDA network tapes.

Computing facilities in the research lab consist of:

5 DEC Alpha workstations, ranging in speed from 533Mhz to 600Mhz, with a current shared 55 gigabytes of disk space.

Two SUN Sparcstation 10 with over 4 Gbyte internal and external disk space and four Sun Sparcstation 2 workstations with a 424 Mbyte internal SCSI disk, and over 1 Gbyte external along with a 644 mbyte CDE reader and a 2.3 Gbyte 8mm tape drive.

Also, there are about 10 networked personal computers (Mac, PowerMac, and PCs)linked with the Sun workstations along with several laser printers, color DeskWriters, and Scanners.

Rock deformation studies are carried out in a servo-controlled triaxial apparatus under confining pressure and pore pressure. The experimental facilities allow for measurements of dynamic and static elastic moduli as well as traastic moduli as well as transport properties of rocks under crustal conditions of pressure. Data acquisition is through an IBM AT-based system complemented by high-speed digital oscilloscopes. Acoustic emission and automated image measurement systems are available.